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Virtual workshop on Digital transformation of SMEs [2021.09.16]
The virtual workshop "Digital transformation of SMEs: basic concepts, tools and technologies" was carried out as part of the Initiative "Training for the Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises", co-funded by ADELANTE Window.
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Paper published by Int. J. Marine Sci. Eng. [2021.09.08]
As a result of the collaboration between the Univ. of La Laguna (Spain) and the CEFAS, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering has published the paper "Prediction of wave energy transformation capability in isolated islands by using the Monte Carlo method".
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Meeting for coordinating for ADELANTE initiative [2021.09.01]
The team of the initiative "Training for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs", had an excellent working meeting with the rector of the University of Matanzas, to coordinate support and dissemination actions of the initiative.
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ADELANTE initiative approved [2021.08.06]
The ADELANTE Window has approved the initiative "Training for digital transformation in manufacturing SME", jointly presented by academic and scientific institutions from Cuba, Brasil, Mexico and Spain.
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Project directed to digital twins has been aproved [2021.07.20]
CEFAS' research project "Digital twins-based architecture for monitoring industrial processes" has been aproved by the Sectorial Program on Cuban Software Industry and Society Informatization, belonging to the Ministry of Communications.
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Colaboration CEFAS-CONFORMAT [2021.06.07]
Researchers from CEFAS and workers from CONFORMAT carry out experimental studies on vessels manufacturing, as part of the territorial project "Recycling slag from submerged arc welding of pressure vessels"
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CEFAS participates in the Scientific-Productive Pole of Matanzas [2021.05.24]
CEFAS presented its results and working projections in healthcare area, to the Scientific-Productive Pole of Matanzas. Research project for introducing 3d technologies in biomedical sector was specially enphasized.
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Ph.D. disertation of CEFAS' member Alberto Villalonga [2021.04.07]
Today, CEFAS' member Alberto Villalonga carried out his Ph.D. thesis disertation on "Premature failure detection in mechanical processes based on an intelligent architecture", advised by doctors Ramón Quiza (CEFAS) and Rodolfo Haber (CAR/España).
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Prototipe of device for biopsy punctures [2021.04.02]
CEFAS designs and manufactures a device for biopsy punctures as part of the project "Chaining digital 3D-based solutions for teaching and practicing biomedic sciences", linked to the Territorial Program on Productive Chains.
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Reportage in TV Yumurí about cooperation CEFAS-CONFORMAT [2021.03.30]
Noon's News, from the local channel TV Yumurí broadcasted a reportage on the cooperation between the enterprise CONFORMAT and CEFAS.
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Interchange CEFAS-CEDAI [2021.02.19]
CEFAS' members had a useful meeting with staf and workers from CEDAI, for identifying training needs and scientific and innovation colaboration posibilities.
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