11 th International Scientific Convention of the University of Matanzas, CIUM 2023
The University on the 2030 Agenda”
7 th Engineering International Workshop
Scientific Committee
Prof. Ramón Quiza Sardiñas, Ph.D. Prof. Yanán Camaraza Medina, Ph.D. Prof. Manuel Pedroso Martínez, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Mayli Estopiñán Lantigua, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. Jonathan Serrano Febles, M.Sc.
Matanzas (Cuba), March 21…23, 2023
(A) Manufacturing Processes: (A1) Conventional manufacturing processes. (A2) Additive manufacturing. (A3) Micromanufacturing. (A4) Hybrid manufacturing. (A5) Robotics. (A6) Industry 4.0. (A7) Materials science and engineering. (A5) Design of machine elements. (A6) Maintenance. (B) Building: (B1) Structures. (B2) Conservation and maintenance. (B3) Materials and technologies for local development. (B4) Environmental impact. (B5) Road works, geotechnics and foundations. (B6) Digital tools and IT applied to building.. (C) Efficiency of Industrial Processes: (C1) Industrial risks and safety. (C2) Mini-industries for local development. (C3) Analysis and control of industrial processes. (C4) Environmental engineering. (D) Efficient and Rational Use of Energy: (D1) Energy transition. (D2) Energy efficiency. (D3) Renewable energy. (D4) Optimization and design of power systems. (D5) Maintenance of power facilities. (D5) Computers in power activities. (E) Applied Computing: (E1) Intelligent computer systems. (E2) Computer aided process management. (E3) Educational informatics. (E4) Industrial computing.
Important Dates
Jan. 19, 2023 Extended abstracts submission Feb. 2, 2023 Acceptance notification Feb. 28, 2023 Video submission (for virtual attendants)
(REV. 2)
Extended abstracts will not be published, but a selection of the best workswill be made for publication in some of the following journals:
Author’s Guidelines
The work will be presented, for evaluation, in the form of an extended abstract, complying with the following regulations: - It will consist of (1) title, (2) authors and affiliations, and (3) body of the abstract. It will be specified the targeted topic and subtopic of the Workshop. - It will describe, succinctly, the motivation, background and objective of the work; the used materials and methods; the results and their analysis; and the conclusions and (optionally) recommendations derived from it. - It will have an extension of three pages and will not include more than one table and one figure. It may be divided into sections. It will include no more than ten bibliographical references in APA 7th Edition style. - Letter size paper (215.9 x 279.4 mm) will be used, with 25.4 mm margins. Arial font 12pt, with single spacing, 6 pt between paragraphs and justification to both margins. - The use of the template available at is encouraged.
Registration Fee
Speaker Companion Postgraduate student Undergraduate student
Pago hasta 28/02/2023
Pago desde 01/03/2023
100 - 100 75
Virtual attendance
150 - 120 100
Payments until Feb. 28, 2023
Payments from March 1, 2023
200 100 120 100
Face-to-face attendance
250 150 150 120
1000 - 1000 500
1500 - 1500 800
2000 1500 1500 500
2500 2000 2000 1000
Foreign (EUR/USD) Nacionals (CUP)
Payments will be made through online gateways
* Postgraduate or undergraduate students must prove this condition through an official document from the university where they are enrolled.
Speaker Companion Postgraduate student Undergraduate student
The publication of the selected works is optional for the authors. It will be conditioned to the submission of the full-text work, complying with the respective author’s instructions.
- Ingeniería Energética (15 works, energy)
- Revista Ciencia y Construcción (15 works, building)
- Revista Cubana de Ingeniería (15 works, miscelanea)